Monday, September 28, 2015

Our world

The baby has THRee teeth coming in. The boys were out of school Friday. We decided to hike to the top of an old fort. It was hot, and I am really out of shape. Hubs took the boys camping, inside our apartment complex park. He evaded the security guards, who have most definitely never thought to make a no-camping rule. They lasted until 8am.  Last night a family of six stayed in our apartment with us. They have four boys. We stayed up late laughing.  It was so much fun that Jude cried big tears on the way to school today after they left.  Thus week we have a serious kindergarten project going that involves moong dal. It's a lentil. (The last project never made it to the blog. It was an igloo. Out of ice. Not my best idea in equatorial living.) Silas cannot stop aggressively kissing Asher or singing  the 'war song' from Les Miserables. 

I think my vacation day lost effect somewhere along the way.

Who needs a vacation from this kind of fun though??!

Happy Monday!

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