Thursday, October 29, 2015


Happy Birthday, hubs! 

This week he celebrated 35. He calls it the new "prime." And he's still got the energy to prove it. He did an adventure race a few weeks ago that involved an ice water pit, rope climbing and a few other crazy obstacles. He still has he war wounds to show for it!

We celebrated early with carrot cake, a game of Ticket to Ride and a Treasure Hunt for snickers compliments of the boys. He flew out on the actual day for business meetings. That's 35 for you;)

As you might imagine. Hubs has quite a following in the 'hood since he is wrestler extraordinaire. A few friends made his a card. 

The very creative inscription reads, "Uncle, you are the lightening and Aunty, Jude, Silas and Asher are the clouds as you are protecting them. Many more happy returns of the day." 

How could I top that? We love you, David!!!

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Kelly Brasher said...

Happy Birthday, young man! Your spirit is ageless! We feel honored to call you family...Love you much!