Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Eight Years

David and I celebrated 8 years of marriage yesterday.  When we looked at the calendar to plan our month, the little anniversary was forgotten.  We remembered sometime this weekend as he was packing his bag for a trip. Ooops.  Old love is so much more comfortable.  He returned late last night from a training, just in time for leftover chicken noodle soup and some heart shaped sugar cookies that I made with the boys.  We really do it up big over here!

We took a lunch date today to catch up while the boys were at school and have plans for a visit to an exquisite palace restaurant. (yep, that's what you get to do when you live in old lands:)  I've been wanting to try it for a couple years! I'll keep you posted.

This also marks the week that we first landed in South Asia.  It was four years ago.  Almost half of our marriage has been lived in the land of curry and wild traffic.  There are some really difficult things about living overseas. And there are some tremendous gifts as well. Near the top of my list would be the impact that it has had on our marriage.

Generally speaking, when you travel abroad with people you get to discover things about them you might not otherwise know.  Crossing cultural boundaries has a way of stripping masks and exposing, for better or worse, what's underneath.  It removes the familiarity element that cloaks so much of who we are.  Experiencing that within marriage has been an unbelievable gift.

Little roots of shared comradeship, learning a language together, experiencing near-death rickshaw rides, watching friends and family wave goodbye in airports. Those little roots are growing down deep. This is the man who is by my side for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health, near or far, this side of the globe or that one.  I'm functioning out of weakness a lot over here.  And that is a humbling and vulnerable place to be in any relationship.  In a marriage, it can build a wall or a bridge into deep places. I can hardly remember what life was like before this life together. That's a good thing. 

Here's to eight more years of growing in love with the man I'd marry all over again. I'm so glad he picked me!


Kelly Brasher said...

I can't tell you how sweet it is to watch the two (and five) of you do life - even if it is mostly through a computer screen. You were both wonderful examples for my kids as singles when they were small and an even better example as a couple in their later years. Happy Anniversary to one of the most precious "two" I have ever known. So blessed to call you "family". We love you all!

Dad said...

I too forgot your anniversary, which I never thought I would do because of the day it is. Happy Anniversary!! I too had a few out of town anniversaries, Of course a credit card and a florist's phone # helps overcome the loneliness!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary Laura & David!