Monday, October 12, 2015

Unexpected Holiday

The state government declared a mandatory two week school holiday. They made the announcement Friday. It started today.  The kids are elated. The parents are, um, feeling surprised. 

So let's scratch all those plans for the next two weeks during school time. We are pulling all the stops. Jude made a list of things that would make a holiday so special. Hilariously enough, he and Silas both agreed that worksheets are a necessity. My Asian babies! They love a good worksheet;)

Today was homemade play dough and volcanos.  It was a big hit. It might have taken us longer to prepare and clean up than to actually erupt, but who's counting? We've yet to do the straw races that are on the schedule for today. The excitement is building. 

You may be amused to know that the topic I picked last night for our story and craft theme this week is : 

Give thanks in all circumstances

And so we will. 

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