Thursday, November 19, 2015

Asher, 9 months

Indulge me today. Asher will be nine months old next week.  I cannot get enough of his sweetness.  He is such a happy baby.  He has 7 big chompers.  He crawls with gusto.  Pulling up is an old trick.  He has a knack for pinching his fingers in drawers because he loves to explore.  He hates baby food and isn't too keen on being fed. But he loves to make a mess eating finger foods with his own two hands. He still eats 1-2 times at night but falls right back asleep. He has an affection for drain covers, toilet bowls and last night, he pulled down the trash can and was eating week-old pomegranate seeds before I found him. He loves to wrestle with his brothers and gets all tickled when Daddy puts him in the "small package." (Wrestling lingo in our living room.) He is saying "Da-da" and likes to hear himself chatter, particularly at the dinner table.  We all adore his little smile.  He's living up to his name, "blessed, happy."

We love you, sweet Asher!

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