Thursday, November 12, 2015

Life, lately

The best way to tell what we've been up to is usually in the random photos on my phone. Here's a bit of life around these parts, lately:

1. Did you know it is significantly harder to make a batch of freezer spaghetti sauce when the kids are off school for a week? I suspected as much. Truth, confirmed. But isn't that beautiful?!

2. We went to the zoo with a friend this week. There was a baby rhino. I am not sure, in all my 35 years, that I've ever seen a baby rhino nursing for the crowd. It was wonderfully adorable. What a creature!

3. They opened a Burger King in our city. Wonder of wonders. It was our main outing this weekend. The burger options are chicken and mutton. I opted for nuggets. They set my mouth on FiRe. Apparently, Burger King is contextualizing. 

4. I forgot to show you the addition we made this year to the Reformation Day activities. Quill writing. I know. Over the top. They loved it. And the still don't remember Martin Luther's name. They only remember that I make hammers out of donuts. Let's face it, it's the desserts that make an impression. 

5. Just in case you're missing this cutie pie. He's a mess! He's everywhere and into everything. He is the happiest baby ever. Except when he is not, which is fortunately rare. 

That's life lately. 

Thanks for caring about the rhinos and feathers in our little world! 

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