Tuesday, November 3, 2015


It's official. Hubs has pneumonia. He had to come home early from a long planned meeting. Not really what any of us were expecting for this week. At this point though, we're just trying to avoid any sort of hospitalization. Sometimes I think it takes more discipline to rest, really rest, than almost anything else. 

He had a sick-buddy today in Silas. The kid just does not complain. He just gets really quiet.  By the time we realized he was even sick, his fever was at 103. He spent the day watching Cars 2 as much as he liked and drinking tang, pretty much his dream come true. 

Hopefully, the mend is on! 


Kelly Brasher said...

So sorry your boys are feeling bad. We're praying they're on the mend soon! love you all!

Shannon G. said...

Praying that David makes a quick & complete recovery!