Thursday, December 31, 2015

Farewell, 2015

It's New Year's Eve and I feel the need for a little retrospection.

Here's my quick list of what 2015 held for our family:

  • The year sweet, happy Asher joined our family. So many of his firsts are in 2015. His first (and 7th tooth:), first crawl, cruising, foods, etc. Um, notably, not his year to sleep through the night though! If the year held nothing else, I could move forward with unspeakable gratitude. Babies are blessings.  
  • The year that Silas's personality seemed to explode before our eyes. He is our wrestler-extraordinaire. He is full of races, wrestling matches and bike rides.  His language skills grew a ton this past year. I absolutely love hearing what's going on in his sweet little brain! 
  • The year Jude learned to read, really read.  It was the year his flashlight burned long over Frog and Toad's hilarious adventures.  This year felt like an unexpected shift for him. He is a boy now.  The baby is all gone.  This is the year I realized that a few special moments alone with this kid, on a walk or a secret trip to get ice cream, makes his heart burst.  
  • This is the year that we were able to eat dinner with the grandparents, stop by and visit with the cousins, and feel the familiarity of our native land.  It was the year that we saw faces of friends we'd missed. We were refreshed. 
  • It has been a year in which my marriage has been a place of steadiness, love and kindness we could never have built on our own. All adventures are better with a true friend. I bless the day I married that man. 
  • This is the year that my sister and I shared a floor at the hospital to welcome our 3rd children - a boy and girl.  The year I watched my mom hold two new grandchildren in her arms, with joy in her eyes. I will never forget that sweet, unbelievably fun gift.  
  • The year we made it back to South Asia after our American adventure.  It just seems like I should celebrate a little bit that we are here. We made it. 
  • It has been a year of joys, both pure and bittersweet. Babies that grow. Life that fills up my days as never before. Family that I have to part with again for a season.  It has been a year of facing some trials that were out of my control to fix.  It has been a year of deepening faith for me. Leaning into my Father's sovereignty more, and pressing into His goodness. I think I will hold this year in my heart for a long time to come as a season when I knew instinctively that my Father was near, and sustaining me in that nearness. Jesus holds all things together - even me
And if God wills, we will meet 2016 with our mouths full of praise, our hearts full of hope, and our hands…well, full of these wild boys. 

Happy New Year's Eve! 

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