Monday, December 7, 2015


We are in a water crisis over here. It's flooding 12 hours away, people are stranded in buildings and trudging through streets that turned to rivers. I can't get the image out of my mind of a pregnant lady, almost ready to give birth, riding in a rescue boat. 

And here, the monsoons didn't really monsoon too much. Our problems, as yet, are much, much milder than the flood waters. But the reservoirs are running pretty low. 

Consequently, they just cut our water supply by 80-90%. Which means: for 2 hours every day I can get water from my kitchen sink and in my laundry room. And then, it's gone. 

I asked my neighbor last night how long he thought it might last. He shrugged his shoulders, "Maybe two or three months." 

Oh. OooooK. 

So, hubs bought me a bucket water heater and filled up a few extras around the house for mopping and dishes.

( I feel really nervous every time that little heater goes into the bucket. I just keep thinking, "Hair dryer in the bathtub?!" But hubs assures me, it's not the same thing.) 

We are gonna make it just fine. Hubs and I are both experienced bucket bathers from our younger days in wilderness living. I mean, David used to wrestle crocodiles and eat monkey in the jungle. I don't recall a lot of amenities in my days in Africa either. But, let's face it. On days like this, I sure would love to load these kids up and drive to my momma's house to park it for a while. 

But we will press on in here. We have everything we need, and so much more. Convenience would never make for a very satisfying life aim anyways. 

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