Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Lonely Planet & me

I should be in bed. But I'm making a typed, color copy list of potential activities for our upcoming vacation. That's what Type-A people do. And I'm just going to own it. 

The review I'm unexpectedly excited about stumbling across? 

The Snake Farm

I hate snakes. But the reviews made it sound so compelling that I added it to the list.

See?! I'm inspired! 

We've been through Bangkok a few times now. And I've never really been a big fan. I mean, I do love the amenities, but the city itself is just kind of overwhelming to me. Generally speaking for us, Thailand means meetings. Bangkok means the shopping district. I hate shopping for more than about an hour and I'm not a fan of big cities. (Says the girl who lives in a city of 10 million;) This time we don't have any meetings. It's vacation. 

I booked a hotel on the Riverfront. And it just changed the whole idea of the city for me. I've been marking up my Lonely Planet map and loving it. I'm completely excited. 

I should still go to bed. Because the trip isn't for a couple of weeks, and that spreadsheet won't matter when my kids wake up in the morning. 

Good night. I'll be sleeping with my travel guide under my pillow.

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Crosby International said...

Fantasia Lagoon is a GREAT place to spend little boy energy! It's a water park on the top of a mall and it's away from the touristy places, so it's mostly locals. I thought the prices were decent and there's tons of kid areas. Plus, they have food at the park and food at the mall below it. I recommend it!