Friday, December 18, 2015


We've been involved in a little bit of Christmas pageantry this year that I thought you might enjoy.  Our local fellowship put on a children's Christmas play and the boys each had a role.  Silas was a sheep.  Jude, a wise man.  I have it on reliable authority that Silas's sheep suit picture went viral at a local college.  He was kind of a hit.  

A friend gave me that white towel when she moved away.  I recycled it into a sheep suit. And now it's a snowman. That white towel's had a long, good life.

Silas  learned a new song this year about snowmen. He's a little obsessed.   Consequently, he's had a strong desire for a carrot nose.  Today is their last day of school before a two week vacation.  They decided to go out with a bang.

Christmas break, here we come! 

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