Monday, January 18, 2016


Where did last week go?

Actually, I know where it went. All my time flew out with hubs when he left for an eight day trip. Yep. Eight days with my boys. And guess what!? They were out of school Friday!!! And Asher had some sort of allergy attack that almost sent us to the ER. Thankful for prayers and nebulizers. (He is much better now.)

Mid-weekend I was feeling the need for some change in my life. So I took all three kids with me to the beauty parlor and said "chop it off."

Actually, that's not what I said. But it was in a foreign language and things quickly got out of hand. So I have a new hairstyle. And we made it through the weekend together.

We even went to church. We may or may not have been 30 minutes late. 

Tomorrow Jude is going to be an ant eater in a class production. I spent the evening finishing up a tail and snout. 

The boys miss hubs a lot. Tonight they were catapulting one another across the living room. They need some wrestling love.

That's all I've got for you today. Thanks for stopping in. 

I'll have to write something serious, reflective, meaningful....later....after the ant eaters and catapulting have slowed down. 


Bonnie Myers said...

Loving the haircut! It's adorable! Praying for you often.

Salter327 said...

You are my mom hero! When our sweet Riley arrived and I found out she was more than ten pounds YOU were the first thing that popped in my mind. I had a "Dawkins size baby" haha. Thanks for sharing your journeys! -Chelsea

Anonymous said...!!!!!!! I love the chop. I miss you and have been thinking of you a lot lately. Grateful for no ER trip and for David's return. Eight days IS a long time indeed.
-stacey j