Tuesday, January 5, 2016

On our shelf

I had high ambitions for Christmas break and books.  The reality was a little less than my ambitions, but we did pick up this old classic.  

We're almost finished.  I like the idea of Wind in the Willows being among our favorites. But, I have to be honest, it was a stretch for me to get through the chapters.  The boys may be a little young for this one yet.  When I saw the illustrations in this copy at a local bookstore, I couldn't resist.  Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed it. We didn't love it. 

The primary reason we've not finished the last few chapters is that The Boxcar Children arrived.  

And we are in love. Even Silas. (And especially Asher, please note the chewed cover.) This was one of my childhood favorites and I'm sure my enthusiasm has something to do with their enthusiasm.  I still remember imagining myself making a home in a caboose. We're melding our boy world and my childhood girl world into one.  Did I tell you that I tried to get the boys to listen to Anne of Green Gables in the car a few weeks ago? I did.  And they just were completely bored and told me they'd prefer music. Really?! They just want swords and mysteries. I'll listen to Anne on my own. For now, The Boxcar Children is unanimously on our favorite list. 

And then there's this on my bedside table….

It's not for the kids, it's for me.  And I am completely enjoying it.  I'm tucking it in my bag for Thailand later this week. For all that relaxing, uninterrupted time by the pool….with three kids.

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Katharine said...

I agree Wind in the Willows is not a fave.