Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Ice Rink

We decided to take it easy this morning at our hotel. So we had a late breakfast, and swam in the salt water pool the boys have been dying to jump in since our arrival.

Then we did what is only appropriate after almost a month on limited bath water at home. We kind of have a water theme going this vacation, now that I think about it. We're recovering from bucket baths. (Btw, our water is back on now at our apartment, in case your wondering;) 

Then we headed out for our first ever family trip to the ice skating rink. It's inside one of the biggest the world. 

It was b-i-g. 

Ok. So for the first twenty minutes it looked as though things were going to seriously bomb. Tears were welling up, skates were flying in the air, penguins were toppling. 

But then, this random man stepped in and whisked Silas around the rink, giving hubs a chance to help Jude get his feet on the ground. The guy was from Finland. Perhaps this is a false stereotype, but apparently the Finnish are big ice skaters. He was really fast. Silas, ever the daredevil, loved it. I almost had a heart attack just watching them. Jude took a little more time to warm up, but by the end we were all loving it! 

The seal ride was a big help. And not just for the kids! 

After dinner, we took the metro back to our hotel. Feeling the victory of marching our whole crew successfully through the chaos, we took a family selfie. After this little shot, Silas turned his sweet face up and gave me a hug as he exclaimed, "I love my family, Mom!" 

Me too, buddy. Me too.

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