Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Miscellany

Hello, friends! Why not start the week off with a lot of random tidbits from our life lately? I haven't done this in a while and there are some things you should probably know.

1. We hit the triple digits on Sunday. Yes. The big 1-0-0! It's hardly even summer.  Basically, this is the equivalent to Memphis hitting 95 on the first day of May.  All indicators point to a really, really hot summer around here.  They are predicting we'll peak around 120 degrees this year. When that happened last summer, up North, the pavement started melting.  I read about it in the newspaper.  Maybe this year I'll see it for myself.  What a summer pastime to look forward to, huh?

2. I feel the irony of this next tidbit.  We joined the pool on Friday.  And the boys were so cold, they could only swim for 20 minutes.  (It was only about 90 at the time.) Isn't it funny how cold can be such a relative term?

3. Asher has taken to eating my deodorant.  It's a terrible compulsion.  He just can't seem to stop himself.  Immediately after he takes a bite, he starts wailing inconsolably. This happens every.single.time.  Deodorant does not taste good.  Apparently, the elasticity of his memory is still forming.  After a dramatic morning due to the deodorant, I decided to move it to a higher cabinet.  Let's hope that will be the end of it.

4. Speaking of Asher, he'll turns the big ONE this Saturday! Today he stood up, hands free.  I'm hoping for a few first steps to celebrate the occasion.

5. Remember that vaccine I got last week? Apparently, it was mis-administered.  Inter-muscular didn't translate to the shot-giver.  I grew a third elbow (seriously) and had to do without much use in one arm for a couple of days.  Otherwise, everything seems to be ok.  I won't exactly say that my confidence in the medical care around here was boosted through the experience though.

6. Hubs has some sort of throat infection.  He can hardly talk.  And guess what? He had a training scheduled for this week.  And he's the main presenter. We'll see how that goes for him.  It might turn into more of a multi-media presentation than he originally thought it would be.

7. My miscellany has to end on the heat.  It is the main theme in my head right now.  There are three things that I like about the hot season.  I will repeat them to myself for the next 4 months. (1) I like mangos.  And I saw the first (very raw) mangos at the fruit stand yesterday! (2) All the mosquitos die.  And since mosquitos love to bite me, this is a major life bonus in the hot season.  I've already noticed a significant decrease.  (3) The trees that I love will soon burst with fiery flowers.  They fascinate me. The hotter it gets, the redder they bloom.  I'll show you a picture soon.

And on that note, I'll end this ramble.

Happy Monday to you!

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