Friday, March 18, 2016

Fantastic Friday

It's Friday.  It happened again. The week flew past me and I'm staring at the weekend, trying to catch my breath.  Hubs has a big work project and I've been helping with some of the editing during nap time.  That means, goodbye blog time.  He's almost finished. 

So let's catch up! 

Here are those pictures from the big school play that I promised you. We should have some "professional shots" soon.  I'm sure you just can't wait! Check out Asher's cute kurta pyjamas that just happened to match my suit:

The boys best-gals (the ones we're holding out for arranged marriages with one day) came dressed all princess like to see the boys dance. It's really young love with these kids.

Later this week, we hosted a "family circus" night.  It was a big hit.  David's trick was push ups with the kids on top.  I did a balancing act with a book on my head. Jude made himself "disappear" by flipping behind the sofa. Silas did a somersault and Asher stood up, not a step yet…even for the family circus.  It was a real hit with the boys.  And Jude was thereafter obsessed with balancing books on his head. We followed it up with ice cream.  (We're sticking hard in the triple digit weather this week.)

Silas isn't really known for being a tidy eater.

I bought the first book in the Little House series to read to the boys this summer. But it's keeping me up late at night for now.  I'm sure somewhere in my childhood my mom read this series to me, I don't remember it though.  It's so fresh and fun, I am loving it.

Tomorrow, sweet hubs is giving me the morning off.  My plan: I'm going to order a fresh lime soda in a cafe and read Laura Ingalls Wilder.

But for now, there's a school pick up to make and a baby to change and a dinner to cook.  Fantastic Friday to you and yours! 

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Kelly Brasher said...

Just so you know how much this blog means to me, I just made my co-worker stop what she was doing, you know, working, to come check out my Fab Friday pics of you guys! They were adorable! And I definitely saw the magic going on between Silas and that blond beauty beside him. Love you much!