Friday, March 11, 2016

Monster Truck Magic

This face pretty much sums up the excitement today.  It was a monstrously exciting Monster Truck party! Silas loved it.  I'll give you a little summary (and write it to myself because by next year, I'm sure I'll forget:) His best friend from school rode home with him.  We're talking, he loves this guy! He told David at bedtime a few nights ago that he'd like to go to college with "Otter." The kid is a faithful friend. 

We played a rousing game of Pin the Wheel on the Monster Truck. Here's Dad, accidentally pinning it to someone's forehead.  

Next up, a Monster Truck scavenger hunt with 6 "stations" in the house. The prize was a little piece of candy. And it was a complete hit! 

 We closed the games down with a few fantastic rounds of Musical Monster Chairs. I hate to write that the birthday boy may have shed a few tears over taking 2nd place in the final round.  But the recovery was quick.

Then, of course, there was the cake cutting.  It was followed by pizza, juice boxes and an episode of Chuck & Friends. (We were sticking hard to the truck theme.) One of the best parts of asian birthday parties? You never open your gifts in front of people. Can I just tell you how much mom-angst that saves me? There's just so much to go wrong in those moments. He had a great time opening them after the last guest left.  Let's just say our stock of remote control cars just increased significantly.  And that sweet FOUR year old could not be happier about it!

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