Monday, April 11, 2016


A Bedtime Conversation 

Silas:  Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up? 

Me:   I think I'll be a mommy.  Or a wife?

Silas:  No, mom.  Not a mommy or a wife. Something else. 

Me:  What are you going to be?

Silas:  An astronaut.  No. A cowboy!!!

Me: A cowboy.  That's fantastic! You could work on PopPop's farm.

Silas: No, mom.  Cowboys have to live in the desert.  So I can't be on PopPop's farm. I'll have to go to the desert.  


Silas : I'll miss you, mom. 

Me:  I'll miss you too, Silas.

Silas:  Mom.  Why don't you be a cowboy too?  We could be cowboys together!!!

Me:  That sounds amazing.  I would love that. I'll be a cowgirl.

Silas:  Ok.  Great, you be a cowgirl and I'll be a cowboy.  You can ride a purple horse and I'll ride a blue horse.  And when we want to go fast, we can say "Giddiup." Except, you don't like to go fast…so the purple horse can just kind of be slow.  

So now it's all set, folks.  When Silas and I grow up…we're heading West.  


Kelly Brasher said...

Once again, that post was too sweet to keep to myself! Had to share it with my co-workers! Little boys are so very precious, and they love, I mean really LOVE, their Moms! My heart is singing now... Kiss that sweet cowboy for me. I've never kissed a real cowboy! Love you much!

Anonymous said...

Larsa, did your heart swell up and burst? I mean, seriously, so sweet. I love how he personalized the horse for YOU.

StaceyB J.