Monday, April 18, 2016

Day One

We're on Day 1 of summer vacation.  The government announced on Friday that the schools would close early in light of the current weather situation.  It's just too hot to be safe. And so, those last 2 days of quiet were replaced by books together,  building blocks, an early morning trip to the basketball court, and the promise of a loooooong summer together indoors.

I don't know how homeschooling moms make it through.  Full admiration and respect.

I'd like to say that we'll be cuddled up on the couch reading books to make it through this heat.  But so far it seems more likely that there will be wrestling matches, car races and a lot of arguing over whose feet belong where.

You know what I love about having little kids? Kids who demand attention.  Babies that need a bottle or a new diaper right now, right away. It's driving that compulsive task-oriented tendency right out of my heart. These little people are my main job. And they are so worth it.


Kelly Brasher said...

So absolutely worth it! Even my big kids demand my attention sometimes. And I have to remind myself that I will never get this particular moment and opportunity back again, and I had better take advantage of it now. I will never regret a minute spent with my family - one-on-one sometimes and sometimes with the whole crazy bunch! Each being more precious than the last...

Katharine said...

Beautiful dress! Ok, feeling your summer pain (from my summer last year). . .let's brainstorm.

Does Amazon deliver???? :)

Might be messy but with some boundaries I do love those tiny sandboxes for long stretches of absorption -

Less messy and INCREDIBLY addicting for me (for some reason I LOVE the way this stuff feels)

or just rice in tubs on the porch/balcony?

Do you have online access to audio books? Can I email you files to download? All of a sudden block creations, sand art and train play last longer and siblings are more cooperative when listening to a story (after your voice wears out :). Marley is great for multiple siblings as well as Magic Treehouse, Beatrix Potter and some good ole' Bible Odyssey :)