Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Five

It's Friday.

The week slipped away from me.  Here's what's going on lately.

1. It's been two years since Jess went to be with Jesus.  I can only imagine the grief her family feels as the years continue to pass.  I read this article written by Nancy Guthrie entitled What Not to Ask Someone Suffering and found it so helpful in knowing how to communicate with others better in their seasons of loss.

2. The heat is bringing a fresh awareness of the poverty around us here.  (In case you haven't read, our country is experiencing a pretty intense drought and intense weather at the onset of the summer. The next 2 months do not look promising.) It's difficult for us to push through triple digits day after day, and we have access to water, a/cs that we can turn on, a cool building, a car to drive places, etc.  But when you drive past a tent made of tarp and see little faces peeking out, well aware that water is not flowing into spider-man bottles in their fridge…it's hard.  Poverty is always hard.  Extreme heat and drought piled on top of that make it intensely difficult.  I understand that from the other side of the world this will sound really lame…but let me be honest, the reality is, on this side, it's very difficult to know what to do to help.

3. Not everything, of course is heavy over here.  The mangos are in the trees.  They're still green, but the promise of their juicy goodness awaits.

4. The boys are finishing up the school year.  And I am looking around me, wondering what on earth I'll do with them all summer.  We're going to try to even out some of the culture-kid problems around here and focus a bit on America. Our big summer goal is to learn the pledge of allegiance and the 50 states. Let's see how we fare.

5. We'll end on Asher.  He is at such an amazingly sweet stage.  And a reckless one.  Today he was found on top off a friend's dining table, pulling over the flowers. He loves to eat my make up and destroy my spice cabinet.  He has a seriously hilarious habit of picking up objects and using them for the original purpose.  To give an example, I found him in the bathroom recently with my hairdryer -- very obviously trying to dry his hair.  He puts caps on his head with he finds them.  Picks up forks and spears things. He jabbers into the phone like he's saying something serious. And combs his hair whenever the brush is around.  I tried to get him to do a full object demo on video…but he was a little distracted.  He's cute anyways!

Hope your Friday is full of grace…for the big and the small details in life! 

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