Friday, April 29, 2016

scavenger beauty

Our upcoming move has brought a renaissance of awareness to my eyes.  I am remembering one of the deepest lessons for me when arrived in this land.  It is a lesson that time has eroded. 

Beauty is all around me.  Seeing it, is a choice.  

This country is a land of such intense contradictions it can hardly be described in words.  It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with people winsomely created. And yet, the poverty is real. Many have called it an "assault to the senses."  I am not exaggerating to write that I can hardly recall one truly beautiful sight that wasn't also accompanied by an overwhelming stench, a trash heap, or a heckler.  Photography can crop it out, but reality won't. 

I have to look with eyes ready to see.  

Isn't this true for so many other areas of life too? The person with prickles.  The job with that down side. The fellowship with that one thing. 

I am beginning to realize that being a scavenger for beauty doesn't mean that I am closing my eyes to what is real.  It means that I'm trying to awaken my soul to the reality that dwells beyond this one.  We see in a mirror dimly.  But the reflection of beauty points to a deep, rich reality that will never fade.  Faith looks for a land that is yet to come. A place where we will be truly awake.  

There, we will find the beauty we've spent all this life longing for. 

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Katharine said...

so timely - thank you