Monday, April 25, 2016


I celebrated thirty-six this weekend.  The boys, as always, took good care of me.  They even sent me out on Sunday to take a few photos…something that's hard to do when your arms are full of kids.

This is, for very simple reasons, one of my favorite seasons of life thus far. It has been a year of bounty in many ways, most of all in my own heart.

I am grateful.


Lee said...

happy birthday, friend! love and miss you much!!!

Kelly Brasher said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Laura! Late, I know, but sincere nonetheless! As usual those sweet boys came through to let you know what we are all thinking - we are blessed because you are in our lives. I am praying your year is full of joy and beauty, love and laughter, hugs and kisses! Start out by knowing that, if it were possible, I would hug you with all the gusto and might I could muster up! Love you much!