Wednesday, May 11, 2016

hair friends

Our first case of head lice. I'm glad it just came might have taken me 6 years of motherhood to prepare myself for this. 

Thankfully, I have boys. So I took what seemed the most reasonable course of action, I shaved his head. And then we pulled out that lice kit I lugged over 4.5 years ago. 

It's gonna take me a while to recover from this one. 


Kelly Brasher said...

Oh, girlie! SO been there! SO done that! No great words of comfort here, except Jude looks really cute with his new haircut! Another reason it is good to be a boy mom! Love you all!

Claire Nettles said...

Ugh! I had lice several times when I was little - once when we were in Kyrgyzstan. Then Kate got them when I was 36 weeks pregnant with Caleb (of course I treated myself, too b/c I figured no way I avoided it). It was NOT fun! Glad you could just shave his head.