Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Listen Up

Need some summer listening with your little people? I did! So I dove into the whirling web of podcast recommendations.  The favorite in our house currently is Brains On.

Click here to see their site.

How do spiders make their webs, living large on the International Space Station, and SO much more. Confession: David downloaded it for his own car rides. The boys love it!

(NOTE: Some of the topics are definitely stemming from a post-modern secular worldview with this podcast. If you're not willing to break in and talk occasionally about evolutional theories, creation order, etc, you may want to skip over this one. We like to listen to it all together. Most of it is just crazy interesting and fun!) 

Another favorite lately is Family Folk Tales by the Nashville Public Library. Click here or find them in iTunes.

If you're a momma, especially a boy mom, tune into The God Centered Mom Podcast this week and listen to Emerson Eggerich talk with Heather about the importance of giving our little men respect as we encourage them toward honorable living.

As long as we're on that boy-mom theme, her podcast {Episode 119} on Nurturing Boys with David Thomas was also fantastic.

Listen up and shoot me an email with your favorite. We love car ride listening! 

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Alison said...

Oh, I loved those two boy podcasts. Couldn't listen fast enough! Thank you for posting!