Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars...

Jude is a week shy of the big SIX!!! And he is completely obsessed with the solar system. He also vacillates between the career choices of scientist and olympiad. Silas would like to be an astronaut robot: this means he can robot into any other profession, usually a spy, at will. I digress.

Jude wants to have a solar system birthday party. (Sure. Let me just run to the party supply store and pick those paper plates up.)

I'm thinking a rocket cake and planet games?  He's been exposed to Pinterest only in mild doses so I think we will be ok. In the meantime, every drawing is of outer space and today I found the planets lined up on the dining room table.

Do I even need to write it? This party's gonna be "out of this world!" 

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