Wednesday, June 29, 2016

a time to uproot

Moving day is coming.  We are entering our final month in South Asia. We are scheduled to fly out the first week of August.  This little apartment has been our home for a few months shy of 5 years.  It is the only house my boys remember.

There are, always, in these transition seasons a mix of emotions.  This is no exception.  There is a lot to look forward to.  There is a lot to say farewell to also.  And then there's the packing.  Remember my resolution to only take 2 boxes of books? I've already weighed the ones I picked off the shelves….and they are way over 100 pounds.  I have some work to do.

The boys have taken to packing little bags and suitcases during their rest time in the afternoon.  They have a stockpile of toys all tucked away in their "trunkis" just waiting to roll through the airport.  They were missing clothes for a while and I found them stashed away in suitcases, ready to go. We're still working on time concepts…so Silas, in particular, seems to always think we're moving "tomorrow."

One of the things I love about our transitional life is that it helps me think about what I really want to hang onto long term.  There's no way to just shuffle it from one place to the next without seriously considering if it is worth the trouble to hang on to it. This helps me keep things more lightweight.  And I think that's helpful in today's world.

Here's a little jewel I carted across the ocean and hope will still hang in my kitchen when I am old.

Friends of ours came to Louisville one week way back when.  The husbands took a class together and every day at lunch we would all gather around our little table to talk theology in that sweet yellow kitchen. Michelle, ever an artist, painted our kitchen as a thank you gift for our hospitality.  Still one of my favorite gifts I've received.

I don't think any watercolor artists have visited my house lately, so my hopes of a repeat gift are slim.  But I did pull out that ole Waterlogue app this week to make myself a little reminder of all the fellowship these five years have brought around my South Asia table.  This frame will join the other in Europe.  A reminder to me of the days in this season of life, so full of friendships that I will miss.


Kelly Brasher said...

Recognized that little Louisville table right away! Each time we invaded that sweet little home of yours, usually well after you had gone to bed, we were greeted an array of tasty midnight snacks and a note telling us haw happy you were we were there and giving us a rundown of the morning agenda. It is one of my favorite memories! My kids, of course, prefer memories of the Frisbee, soccer, and racquetball games at the seminary! Each city, or town, you are allowed to call home will hold sweet memories that are precious to you and the ones you shared them with. Praying for you and your boys as you make this exciting and somewhat bittersweet transition. Love you all!

Chelsea said...

What a sweet idea!