Monday, June 27, 2016

Friends of a Feather

You all definitely know by now that I do love a good podcast.  My list is ever longer these days.  I have a friend from home who recently started her own little show. And I admit that when I listened to the first episode full of the banter of two hilarious friends that I grew up with, I sat on my bed 7,000 miles away and felt like I'd gone home.

Not long ago, she interviewed another home town girl, who just released a new Lettering Prayer Journal.  It's definitely on my to-give list this year! While I am a long way from calligraphy pens and shipping, the episode inspired me to take up my colored pens and spend a bit more time meditating on the Word as I write verses out. Maybe one day, I'll order that calligraphy pen.

What I love about both these stories...a podcast by a friend, a lettering prayer the bravery I think it took to try something new.  To put themselves out there to sink or swim in a new area. I wouldn't list bravery on my top qualities.  But I admire it. It encourages me to be braver.

If you want to hear a new story or two, listen up.  And who might hear a familiar voice or two:)

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Anonymous said...

Laura! I loved hearing your voice :) You still have your Memphis accent, which I miss, haha.

Love, Cassie (Cutrer) Browning