Thursday, June 16, 2016

home, sweet, home

We jumped through the last waves, loaded up the bags and made it to our 3 AM flight.

Oh, yes.

We did. We accidentally booked a red eye.

We were all awake from 11:30 PM last night until 8 AM this morning with only a brief nap by the Ash-man.  The boys fell asleep within 5 minutes of the car ride home. During the adventure, we had one vomiting child. The stroller was confiscated for the 1.5 hour line in immigration.  And we almost missed our connecting flight.  We literally ran to our gate, and definitely were "those people" who skip line in the security check. But, we made it.  It might have been a little intense.

This is the stuff that family memories are made of though, right?!

SO glad we went.  SO glad to be home.

At least for a few more weeks! 

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