Friday, June 3, 2016


Tonight at the dinner table the question arose of how many countries there are in the world.  Jude and David disagreed on the exact number.  So we did a quick search.  

The SIX year old was correct.  

This kid is reading us out of house and home.  Maybe I should take away his flashlight at bedtime to slow down the information intake. 

Little brains are so exciting! I love this phase with him. 

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Kelly Brasher said...

Nope! You let that little boy just keep on reading! It looks to me like he is a perfectly balanced little boy - loves his friends, (though not too many at one time), loves his family, and loves his alone time (even if it is under the covers with a flashlight reading about oceans creatures, the Milky Way, or just some adventures with Frog and Toad (my personal favorite)! What a great kid! Love him! Oh and the rest of you too!