Monday, June 6, 2016

The age of destruction

Does anyone else completely forget what baby stages are like until they arrive again? I had forgotten about this phase. 

Asher took the internal cues though and  is fully embracing the age of destruction. 

If I let him play in the cabinets to buy myself 5 minutes to cook, the price he requires is 10 minutes in post-play clean up time. It's like baby bartering.

This morning within a 10 minute span, he poured out the spaghetti noodles, moved to the fridge where he dumped out the pomegranate seeds and then ran off with the cocoa tin.  I would like to write that he doesn't seem aware that he's wreaking such havoc...but honestly, it appears to be part of the appeal. 

How long does this last again?

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Kelly Brasher said...

Until they are at least 21, by my experience. However, Quinten may or may not be the norm!