Friday, July 8, 2016


Does it seem to anyone else like the whole world is shouting? The noise feels deafening. My instinct this morning was to just stay in bed.  This week has been so full of personal, community, and global grief that it seemed like a reasonable choice.  I have a lot of thoughts swirling in my head but, if you're like me, the last thing you need right now is someone else's gut-reaction on complicated, layered events. I think I'm going to have to put my computer away for the weekend and intention time to think on hard issues.  The stream is too much. 

I want to leave you with a thought that's been helping me through today, a day when there are plenty of tears streaming down my face for all colors of families and all manner of ills in this wide world. 

Sometimes, just getting up and living is an act of faith.  

I think most mothers will understand me when I write that on weeks like this, you wonder if bringing children into the world was the right choice.  You mourn the brokenness of the world that you are raising them to meet.  It can feel hopeless. 

But that's a lie.  

It ignores God's redemptive work in this world.  Turn that groaning heart into prayers for truth, justice, mercy and love to reign here.  Declare with the saints who have lived all through the ages in times more perilous even than these, "Maranatha.  Come, Lord Jesus." It is not trite or paltry.  

It is hope.  

And hope built on such sturdy ground, will never be disappointed. 


Kelly Brasher said...

Praying for you and yours right now, knowing this is more personal to your family than most. Praying protection for your brother-in-love and comfort for his sweet wife. Love you much...

Gayle Smith said...

Very wise words from a wise woman. May I share?

In Definition said...

of course! so glad you were encouraged:)