Tuesday, July 19, 2016

life, today

I'm running on fumes over here, friends.  This might have something to do with it:

We are currently apartment-camping. It's the missing washing machine that's killin' me more than the air mattress sleeping. We did salvage the small  couch for the next few weeks. 

To write that there are a lot of feelings swirling around my life right now would be an understatement.  I'm not going to lie: this is probably the most intense life season I've ever experienced. I can't remember another quite so…well...intense.   I feel like all of the sudden my life got so grown-up and I'm just not sure I aged along with it.  And then hubs flew on up north for the week.   He's sending me pics of darjeeling tea sipped in the mountains. And Asher's still shrieking.  And the boys just called me into their room to try and tie a rope around my head so they could keep me in their room for rest time. Thankfully, I won. 23 more minutes until my break is over. I'm not sure I can recover that quickly, but life charges on. 

I should probably just go read my Bible now.  

Happy Tuesday to you from my crazy world. 


Gayle Smith said...

So thankful that you share the frustrating moments as well as the fun ones so I can pray specifically for you. Lifting you up to our Father now.

Kelly Brasher said...

I'm pretty sure nothing I have experienced so far can even compare to the transition you are going through right now. I do remember the night before we left for Georgia, piled up in our bed with all three kids and Greg, of course, watching a movie. We had played out this same scenario dozens of times throughout their childhood. Then it hit me that we would never be able to do EXACTLY that thing again! I fell apart. It was ugly! The reality is, no matter where we lived, things were going to change. There would have been a 'last family movie pile-up' whether we ever moved or not. Change. It is part of life. I don't embrace it the way I should sometimes, but it comes about either way. And, believe it or not, the post 'family pile-up' season of our life has been pretty sweet! Praying your next season will be the same. Love you much!