Thursday, July 21, 2016


I just got off the phone with hubs. He is on his way home.

He started the "3 hour" trip down the mountain at 8:30 this morning and made it to the airport by about 1pm. 

He was in a sharing taxi, on curvy mountain roads, in the rain. Apparently, there was a mudslide. The traffic stopped and cars started turning around to go back up the mountain. 

He tried to get into another taxi that looked like it might drive through. The language was a bit of a barrier, he thinks the guy told him to get on top of the car. He started to just make space for himself in the back when other guys started jumping out. He looked up to see an electrical pole leaning precariously toward them. 

So he opted to keep walking. 

After sludging through for another 20 minutes in the rain, through the mud, with his suitcase, a guy on the other side offered him a ride down in his taxi. Within minutes, the car was full and they headed out. 

They made it into the main city. 

Then he got another taxi to head toward the airport. But on the way, there was an impasse because of a motorcycle accident. Traffic was at a standstill. 

So he got out and walked again for 20 minutes until a guy riding a motorcycle picked him up and took him, and his suitcase, another mile or so to another taxi stand. 

He then took that final taxi to the airport. And it made it all the way there.

If you know David, you won't be surprised that the entire story was relayed with genuinely cheerful laughter and at the end a, "God really provided for me today." 

Can't wait to see that guy! Wet suitcase and all. 

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