Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Green Ember

The move is getting real in here.  This is the phase of packing that I detest the most: the odds and ends that keep popping up out of nowhere.  It feels endless.  But, in a few days, it will end and a new adventure will begin. 

Speaking of adventures, I recently finished The Green Ember.  (If you have Kindle-unlimited it's free right now!) The host of Read-Aloud Revival raves about this one, and for good reason.  Children's literature or not, it's a great read! 

"Sometimes we've loved truth so much that we've scorned beauty, we've scorned grace. We need to lay hold of the one and not neglect the other.  Good story telling is dripping with truth but it goes for the heart, it goes for the affections." - S.D. Smith on Read Aloud Revival, Episode 21

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