Monday, August 22, 2016

the plan

We turned that big stack of paperwork in at the consulate on Thursday and sighed a big sigh of relief. Four months of document gathering, notarizing and translating finally in one pile, on the right desk. If everything goes as planned, we should have visas within the next few weeks. Once we get that phone call, it is likely we will be on a plane to our new life within 48 hours. Does anyone else think the Lord might be working in this season of my life to break some of my super-planner tendencies? Trust and obey. Little words, big truths. 

In the meantime, I visited the Houston IKEA in preparation for my house set up in Spain. Love at first sight. Efficient, detailed Sweds at their best. It made me want to go work for them. We even ate Swedish meatballs for dinner in the cafe after shopping. I wanted to hug the workers. 

Then we visited the NASA museum again. And Jude asked if he could call his   classmates from India to plan their mission to Mars when they grow up.   Apparently, it had an impact. 

We got back at midnight and I finally did something I've always been tempted to do while traveling. I begged for assistance to get me and sleeping kids to baggage. They are almost to big to carry these days!

For now, the plan is to wait. Adventure is on the horizon. 

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Gabriella said...

I'm glad you like IKEA! You should come visit "the original" once you are settled in Spain. :-) Not too far you know... Love// Gabriella (from DTS)