Thursday, September 1, 2016


I don't read Ann Voskamp as much as I probably should.  The truth is, the only blogs I really read often are the ones like mine…little blogs of little lives without much photoshop going on and no fame on the way. I read your blogs, ahem, when you actually post on them.  You know who you are. 

Today a friend linked her though and I found this article so helpful in expressing something that's been battling through my mind on and off these past few months.  At the root is a sort of perfection standard that real life is rooting out of me. I am not as good as I thought I was.  Years wash over me as quickly as everyone else, and they leave their mark on all sorts of areas.  I need grace.

"Hold out for perfect and you end up holding nothing." 
 - Ann Voskamp

I am getting older.  Time is wearing my body down. Laugh if you will.  I feel it every day. I don't love taking all these family photos.  Primarily because, there are a lot more lumps and wrinkles on this body than there used to be.  Family life is more complicated.  The problems we've waded through this year felt sticky and muddled. And the startling reality for me lately has been:  this is not a season….this is the start of a long journey.

I'm not that old yet, but time won't move backwards.  If these lumps and wrinkles, complications and limitations bother me at 36 years old, I'd better get a proper handle on how to deal with them. Things aren't going to get any better.

It sort of feels like a mid-life crisis.

I'm noticing magazine articles, looking at waist lines and wonder how that can possibly be real.  (Often times, it isn't.) I actually kept the wrinkle cream in the latest beauty set my mom handed me.  We are at the end of a long season of realizing that the next few years will not look at all like we anticipated.  There are ways in which I feel woefully inadequate for the tasks that are actually mine to do. Even in the midst of an incredibly fulfilling season, life just looks different than I thought it would.   That seems to be true for most people.

Anchor.  I need an anchor.  Or I will most certainly float far off course.

Thankfully, we have One.

"We have this hope (Jesus) as the anchor of our souls."

Breathe in today the reality of an immortal, unchanging God.  He is our hope.

" The prosecutor of your soul can’t ever nail you: Time can’t wreck your life. You can’t wreck your life. Nothing in all of this world can separate you from the love of Christ and His love is your lifeYour life is unwreckable because Christ’s love is unstoppable." - Ann Voskamp

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Cassie said...

Love this, Laura! I needed it. I laughed about the wrinkle cream because I have been stepping up my skin routine this year. Sigh:)