Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Progress, friends. We are making big progress. We are hoping to sign the lease tomorrow. It appears the hoops have been jumped. Today we toured a school that's 2 blocks from our hopeful apartment and they have spots for both the boys. (They also have a special program for international students to help them while they learn the language!) There is a park between our house and the school, bonus points. My mom and I spent the afternoon brainstorming at IKEA. The boys are beyond excited that they finally get bunk beds. 

And now, another week or so of painting and refrigerator deliveries and mattress purchases....and we just might have the start of a new home. 

The sad news is, tomorrow is NanNan's last day. So we are going to live it up together for a day in the city now that the big hunt is drawing to a close! 

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lori said...

I'm so excited you've almost got a new place! Pictures?! Thanks for updating us. -Lori G.