Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day One

We made it! The flight and following sleep deprivation delirium were not our most golden family moments, but we stayed awake most of the day today. The boys are tucked away in bed, and we are functionally unpacked for our next week or so in Madrid while we take care of paperwork and orientation. 

We had been here all of five hours when hubs got behind the wheel (of a borrowed car) to drive us across town for a meet up at a mall. Did you know they drive on the right side here? I just assumed they were all British-style lefties. Not so! I'm still not looking forward to that Spanish driving test though. 

We made our first trip to the grocery on the way back, and let's just say I doubt I'm going to be at a lack in the kitchen here! They  even have cream cheese. (Lunch was mini-tapas....goat cheese and pesto was my favorite. And yes, there were olives on the table;) We had a picnic dinner before baths and bedtime. Whew. What a day!

More adventures tomorrow! 

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