Monday, September 26, 2016

day three

We are really only on Day 3 of this big apartment hunt, but it feels longer. We think we found one today. It's not the coolest, chicest we have seen. But it's within our budget and it's bigger than most. It's also within walking distance of a school we like. These are all good things. 

In the meantime, we are working NanNan into the ground and bumming her hotel room for afternoon naps so we don't have to leave the city. These boys are troopers, but when you four year old tells you he's tired at 8am, you know things are going to go downhill fast. 

We will see how the formalities go and keep hunting until our suitcases are unpacked. (We've been warned that contracts tend to fall through a lot here.) 

Keep praying for a clear path! 

I read this little verse on Friday and it has encouraged me so much:

He led them by a straight way til they reached a city to dwell in. Psalm 107:7

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Kelly Brasher said...

Doesn't it blow your mind and warm your heart when God leads you to a verse that seems to be written just for you, for just this situation, at just this time! I love it when this happens! It tells me He was ready to meet my needs long before I knew I was even going to need them! That is a sweet assurance for a longing heart, isn't it... It is also pretty sweet that Nan Nan was available to be with you for physical and moral support while you search for Home. Blessings upon blessings from that sweet Father of ours! Don't you just love him!