Saturday, September 17, 2016

Onward from Toledo

We finished up our paperwork yesterday. We will pack up again this week to trek east and start the big apartment hunt! We decided to brave a little road trip and head to Toledo for the day with the boys. The highlight for them may have been the crazy escalator ride up the side of the mountain. For us, there were enough fantastic vistas, tiny old streets, helado (ice cream), and ham baguettes to make the day worth the trip. 


Anonymous said...

Y'all are looking great! Excited to see where y'all land and what life will look like.
StaceyB J

Kelly Brasher said...

As promised, the blog is already splattered with Spain's beautiful architecture! Put a cute little Dawkins boy or two in the picture and I am completely smitten! Happy apartment hunting, sweet girl! Praying for you and all of the adventures to come your way! You are loved more than you can imagine!