Friday, September 9, 2016


I always feel this pull when we are home to pump in as many "normal" American childhood moments as possible. If I'm honest, I'm battling the reality that my kids will just always be a little different. Sometimes that will probably translate to odd. They have life experiences that most boys their age don't have. That's ok.  I am slowly learning to embrace the truth that God's story for my boys, however different from my own all-American childhood, is wise and beautiful. 

It still seemed like a good idea to put them in soccer this fall. They need a place to work out some of this competition.

For us, the season was kind of a wash. A lot of rain and a shorter stay than we thought cut it down to a few practices at best. But they do love those uniforms!!! Silas blocked a goal in the scrimmage tonight -  it felt like a life moment for us both. 

And we did get in a little quality time with friends. Looks at these guys!!

 So long soccer, futbol here we come! 

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