Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Final Countdown

Time is ticking away. If God wills, we'll be recovering from jet lag at this time next week.  India broke me in so nicely.  The 14 hour flight looming ahead of us this weekend feels lightweight.  What's an overnight with one layover when you've survived 24 hours in a plane, multiple stops and immigration lines with small children? These false expectations of ease are probably going to catch up with me mid-air.

We're getting in all we can while we're home.  Here are my super-blurry phone photos from the past few days.  I don't want to forget these memories!

1. Hubs and I left the older boys with Grammar and Pop for a cousin-slumber-party this weekend.  They even braved Chuck-E-Cheese with 6 kids! David and I made a quick trip to Missouri for a night with the Boevings. It was so good to see those faces.  Everyone survived. Though I have a feeling Grammar and Pop are going to need some recovery time after we clear out of here!

2. We drove home just in time to celebrate Josie Jane's 5th birthday with a big swim party.  Pizza and cupcakes by the pool.  Can I just say how grateful we are to be here for moments like this? We flew to India for the first time just a month after Josie was born.  Love, love that we could celebrate her day. 

3. For Labor Day we headed to the farm one more time to see a passel of cousins, eat ribs with Pop Pop, say goodbye to Mamaw, and hug my brother for his birthday.  It was fun…in that chaotic family-reunion kind of way.

And now we're on the home stretch.  I'm sitting on suitcases to shut them and weighing clothes and wondering what on earth to do with all our shoes.

Shoes or not, we'll be packed up by Saturday. 

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Kelly Brasher said...

Thank you so much for including our family in your Labor Day festivities this week. We were honored, to say the least. Thank you for your purposeful words of wisdom that you poured into my kids. They value your opinion and thoughts so very much, and so do their parents! Prayers for a safe and uneventful flight and a wonderful visit with your Mom. Please tell her we missed seeing her and that we love her dearly!