Thursday, October 6, 2016

9 Years

Nine years ago we married. I still can't wrap my mind around how gracious God has been to give me this husband. We are knee deep in IKEA parts, and I wouldn't trade it in for the most romantic dinner in the world. I love being with this guy! 

That said, I'm hinting strongly that the big 10 might be a good time for a Mediterranean cruise, since we did just move to a port city and all;) 

Happy 9th Anniversary to us!


Kelly Brasher said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! I still tell your love story to anyone that will listen, but the truth is your love story is still being written. As is mine. The story of our lives together as husband and wife is a daily up and down roller coaster with bumps and thrills, sharp curves and, sometimes, sudden drops. But, when we get a breath to reflect on our lives thus far, we are so thankful, not exactly for the sudden drops and bumps, but that with God's grace and mercy, they did not defeat us. Looking back, that roller coaster ride feels a little more like the swings at Dollywood - it just makes me want to smile and praise God over and over that I get to ride with this sweet man right beside me. Pretty sure you love David just as much as I do Greg! They definitely a keeper! Love you both!

Kelly Brasher said...

They definitely keepers! That's that West Tennessee talk slipping out!

staceyb said...

Happy Anniversary my dear siblings. I love this picture of y'all.