Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Behind the scenes

The painters are in. They seem to be moving along with that fresh coat of paint. 

We’ve had some desperate moments at Ikea this week.  Decisions are hard.  But the list of big items is complete and with all the call numbers in hand, hubs made the run today for the final order.  The delivery of most of our furniture should arrive tomorrow. In boxes. We will, at that point, be surrounded by paint cans, screws, bed pieces, suitcases and drills.  The hopeful move in date is Monday.  (Though we are anticipating most of the furniture will still be in pieces at that point.) The boys are scheduled to start school that day too. I’m not sure they really understand that they really do not speak the same language.  Silas looks at me with a big smile and says, “Hola,” followed by, “Hey, Mom! I know Spanish now!”  Yep.  Could be a long week next week. 

To be honest, despite the beach pictures I keep posting, this has been one of the most stressful seasons I can remember.  I’ve considered a trip to the airport more than once. It is hard to set up house, schools, residency status, parking, etc in a foreign country.  It’s hard just to feed these children every day.  But it is getting easier.  And we are on our way to a more normal routine here.  That said, this place is really amazingly beautiful and I still can’t believe we get to actually live here.  

We are currently staying at a little guest house in a beach town about 45 minutes away from the city.  It’s really a gift.  We could be in a tiny hotel room right now.  Since the apartment hunts is over though, David is doing most of the work in the city this week and I am staying back with the kids. It is somewhere around 450 square feet inside this little “casita.”  (The Spanish word for little house.) 

There are precarious ledges above that everyone likes to dance around so that I can hyperventilate. Laundry time is a favorite for Asher now.  He hurls laundry pins from the roof while I chase him. The beach is a mile away.  At first that seemed too far to walk by myself with the boys. Wee bit of mom-desperation going on. I feel like I have about 12 children right now. I am aware that the reality is that I have three.  But it feels like so much more in this midst of all this chaos.   This week though, we’ve been hitting the sand every day. The open skies are doing us good. But I’m going to honest: I need someone to give me a pep talk on “teaching your children with kindness on your lips” this week.  

Not my best season of mothering.  We are surviving though and for the most part, with smiles on our faces and laughter in our “casita."  


staceyb said...

Oh Laura, so good to see and hear about the transition. You are finding time to post. This amazes me. I think we are all grateful to see His faithfulness!

Sara Nagel said...

Deep breathes and one step at a time! You're a great momma with a lot of love and strength. Love you friend and know you are not alone in the toughness of Mommyhood!