Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I have reached the non-essential stage of household set up. (Let me acknowledge heartily that that is relatively speaking as a family living in the modern first world.) Our internet which I suppose is non-essential...has not taken the hint. I am typing on my tiny phone screen. And if you've sent me an email lately you're aware....its just not conducive to correspondence. 

I have begun framing things though,  a sure sign that the end is near. Of course, the actual hanging could take some weeks yet. 

I pulled out one of my favorite prints of all time and put it in a frame tonight. A friend gave this to me years ago when in lives in  Southern Africa. I've always loved it, perhaps because of the title: "I am a wanderer no more."

I seriously think I have shopper's fatigue.  

I'm glad there is a budget for this, and that I'm coming to the end of it. I like living among beautiful things a lot more than I like picking them out. 

In light of this, I took a language test today and attempted to enroll for Monday morning. I admit that I'm a bit relieved they want me to wait for the start of the session in November. I could use a week to breath. Hubs, who is planning to attend another school, will most likely start sooner. Round 2 of language, here we come. 

Home tour coming soon. Ok. As soon as we actually have Internet! 

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