Friday, October 14, 2016


It's Friday. This has been one seriously long week. We celebrated the completion of the first week of school with Happy Meals. We've had a few tears, a couple learning curves....but all in all, it was a good week. This is not going to be easy though. I may have underestimated the language-factor. 

In other news, the house is fully functional. The boxes are few. The furniture is no longer in pieces. The living room is almost done, sans curtains and wall frames. (we are having some drilling issues;( We are currently celebrating our couch. It's seriously a luxury to have a couch to relax on. I have that for granted. Fresh appreciation now. 

Last night I walked a mile with a clothes drying rack on my head in the pouring rain. It was still wrapped in plastic and made a very good cover for me. The clothes needed to be dried and the lines are out our rainy window. Why did no one tell me it rains every day in October? We needed a drying rack.  I walked past the Plaza de Catalunya, and the famous Gaudi apartment building and the Concepcio Market. I had a clothes rack on my head. And I felt like a local. Because what tourist would see those things with a drying rack in hand on her way home? 

Here we are, learning to live in a big European city.

(And just for the record, I haven't actually seen any locals with drying racks on their heads...but I'm sure they would if they found themselves walking in the rain without an umbrella with a basketful of wet clothes at home.) 

It's Friday. I'm very glad. 

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Laurin said...

I cannot wait to see how beautiful and cozy and beautiful you make that home look! Love you guys!

I don't think I've commented on your blog in a/b 3 years....I think I have FINALLY figured out what in the world is going on with that google account so that I can now comment.