Monday, October 10, 2016

School Begins

We are about a month behind on the actual start of school. But you do need an address to actually register, so we've been moving as fast as we could. 

Today was our "first" day. 

Jude seemed to get along pretty well. He said he had Catalan class this morning with a few other kids. (Yep, school is taught in not one, but two foreign languages.) He has an Irish boy in his class, and they are seated together. That seemed to be a bonus for him. It's a big deal to have an English-speaking friend in these parts. Tomorrow is an all-day field trip to a farm. 

It seems likely that it will either go really well and be a super fun class bonding time or it could be a pretty rough day. I'm holding back my inclination to say...woah, too much for Day 2! Immersion. They call this language immersion. And it is hard, but effective. 

Silas, my little extrovert, was completely shy and serious. It was a hard day for him but he took it like a champ.  His teacher is precious and her attempts at broken English totally won my heart. She seems very empathetic. He went half day today, and came home to sit on the porch and read himself a story. He may take a bit longer to go a full day than I anticipated. 

As for the rest of us, David accomplished a crazy long list of appointments and set ups, helped me with Asher and cleaned the guest house for check out. I unpacked 9 of the 10 suitcases, put together our kitchen, cooked a real dinner and measured for yet another IKEA run tomorrow. 

We are tired. In a good way. 

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Anonymous said...

I take longer to adjust to big transitions too. I'm so glad Silas has such wise parents who will listen for His voice in parenting him well. Looking forward to the house tour!!!

StaceyB J