Monday, November 14, 2016


We tried the famed "patatas bravas," and loved them. 

We took the kids to the park that looks over the Sagrada Familia last night for our Sunday evening stroll. 

But I have to face the reality that in some areas of culture, I'll always struggle to adjust. Spaniards will always sound like they have a lisp to me. 

I cannot understand their persistence in this. 

But I've given in for the sake of language acquisition. I have one now too. 

 I really don't think I'll ever overcome my awkwardness at the moment of the cheek kiss though. With ladies, sure, it's like a chic hug. But when a dad from Silas's class leans in, I still feel shocked. Like a strange man just kissed me. 

Because he did. 

He really did.

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