Monday, November 7, 2016


Day one of language is down for me. Whew. I forgot the brain stretch. This is good excercise. Curious about our new schedule? Here is it: 

8:45 am School Drop off 
9am-12:15 am Laura's school and study time; hubs hangs with Ash and tries to get a little work done too
12:45pm School pick up for the mid-day lunch & siesta
1pm David is off to his school
2:45pm Drop Jude back at school, pick up groceries for dinner, take Asher and Silas to the park to burn off some energy
4:45 pm Pick Jude back up, eat a snack, stroll around a bit
6pm David arrives home. Dinner, baths, prep for the next day
7pm Stories, snack and bedtime by 8pm

Hit repeat for the rest of the week. I like routine, but even for me this is a wee bit structured. 

This is the new normal though, and it is so good to have a normal!

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