Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rain or shine

Have I mentioned that we walk to school and home every day in the morning, at lunch and again for the afternoon pick up. It takes about 10 minutes and we love it! 

Except when it pours. We've been drenched twice this week. 

Ok, so maybe the boys love it even when it pours.


Puja said...


Happy thanksgiving! Just wanted to drop a line to tell you we miss you guys! Amogh introduced his new friends ti calvin ball - a game invented by the boys! :-) Also check your email from a month back - i had sent you my first pen friend letter :-P

Katharine said...

That is when you call an Uberx

Joanna said...

Hi! I originally found your blog years ago through mutual friends (I went to ECS and am a few years younger). Our family moved to Germany 4 weeks ago and when I reinstated my own blog, it reminded me of yours. I hope it's not weird that I'm reading even though we've never met, but it's been such a comfort the past few weeks to also read about another family at the beginning of a cross-continental move. :) We also walk to school each morning and afternoon, rain or shine, and it's currently 23 degrees F in the morning!